Échantillon de parfum Mancera Instant Crush

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Notes de parfum : Les notes de tête sont Safran, Gingembre, Mandarine de Sicile et Bergamote de Sicile; les notes de coeur sont Bois d'ambre, Rose du Maroc, Jasmin d'Égypte et Feuille de patchouli d'Indonésie; les notes de fond sont Vanille de Madagascar, Musc blanc, Bois de santal et Mousse de chêne.

Veuillez noter : tous nos échantillons de 1 ml sont présentés dans un flacon de 2 ml, l'échantillon sera rempli à moitié. Cependant, nos formats de 3 ml et de voyage sont entièrement remplis car ils sont dans les tailles de flacons correspondantes.

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Smell very good

Mancera Instant Crush EDP

This is such a good, strong amberwood/saffron dominant scent. It really wowed me because I'm normally hesitant about amberwood but this is so warm and smooth, the wear time is almost eternal and I never got tired of the scent, never became cloying or overwhelming. Vanilla, slightly menthol-patchouli notes with the base notes softly in the background go so well with the ambery saffron. It is a linear fragrance, what you start out with you will get for 8+ hours. This is a true beast mode scent, spray with caution.

Annie Lehrer
There's no Oud listed but i get major oud

This is a charmer. You think it's going to be one thing and then shows out as something completely different. Safrron, amber, vanilla...all of my favorite accords. Smells nothing like you think it would but in a great way. This is a special occasion scent for me and I'm digging it. It is VERY long lasting on my skin. I'm talking 12+ hours.


Very interesting smell

Mauricio Bresso
Very sweet

I'm a big fan of very sweet fragrances so this is a 10/10 for me